Serve caffeine, serve perfection, serve vibes.

But most of all, 

Serve Happiness.

You deserve to dedicate your time to brewing.

Leave the rest to us.

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Offering Highlights
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Be Always

Skip the forever waiting.

Update your menu and offerings whenever,

however you want.

Highlight your every feature so

your potential customers can always find you.

Impress with Your Loyalty System

A good membership system works.

An outstanding loyalty system enchants your customers so they always come back. 

Design one-of-a-kind member card and witness the magic.

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Who Are Using the Charm?
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Share, not Just Sell

Share the latest and greatest promotions, menu items, and coffee contents, wherever you are.


Further your digital exposure and influence in the biggest local coffee community, right from your phone.

Surprise Your Members,

GAFE lets you directly blast messages to your members. 


Ciao to e-mail direct marketing or WhatsApp copy-pasting.

Update your members on what's going on, right from your phone.

For Coffee Lovers
Coffee map, loyalty programme, platform of everything coffee.

Download now to unlock your journey to the coffee lovers' utopia, with us.
For Cafes
Cafe profile self-management, loyalty program, content management.

We've made it simple for you.

Touch base and tell us how we can help you improve your member management

or become more visible in digital space.