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Embark on a Growth Journey

Send out gifts, whenever, wherever. 

Unleash greater potential when it is combined with an all-powerful loyalty system.

Gift Events

Powerful Gift Engine

Be creative and versatile in rewarding your existing members or use gifts/ coupons to see instant growth. 

Vitalize Your Member Base

Drive new and recurring business with a few touches. Turn coffee lovers into your members, and your members into your long-term ally and advocates. 

Unified User Experience

Give your crew and your customers a tool they do not need to learn. The unified experience of gifts and transactions can truly amaze. 

GAFE Gift Events

Gifts are excellent means to creating buzz and generating new business.

With GAFE, you can be creative and versatile in rewarding your customers
(e.g.  Free drink, cash coupons, etc.).

Targeted Gifts

Drive recurring business by sending out gifts to your dormant members. Give it a expiry date to see instant boost!

Open Gift Events

Your fast lane to more buzz and business, reaching directly the greater GAFE community. 

Coming Soon
Your Fast Lane to Business Growth 

Either mode is excellent means to your member loyalty and business growth.

Take action now, on the largest local coffee community. 

Gift Redemption

For either mode, the redemption process is same as your membrship reward redemption. Nothing new for your team to pick up!


Touch base and tell us how we can help you improve your member management

or become more visible in digital space.

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