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Privacy Policy | GAFE

This article explains how we, GAFE Limited (‘GAFE’) collects, stores, and uses your personal data when you use GAFE services through our mobile and web solutions. Please read carefully and understand how we treat your personal information before you choose to use our service. This privacy policy will be updated from time to time to reflect and adhere to the latest requirements of the personal data ordinance and laws of Hong Kong as well as other countries and regions where applicable. By using the services provided from GAFE, you agree, and where required, consent to the way GAFE collects, stores, and uses your personal data per detailed in this policy.


We are glad you are here because that shows us you understand and value your rights as a consumer, and this is the key for us to bring the amazing experience to you.

Your rights as a consumer

  1. The right to access and be informed
    GAFE is responsible for sharing with you what data about you is being collected, how it is being used, how long it will be kept and whether it will be shared with any third parties. You can also ask us for a copy of the personal data we hold about you and GAFE will respond within the reasonable timeframe within our biggest capabilities. Read through this policy to understand how we protect your such rights.

  2. The right to rectification
    If you discover that the information GAFE holds on you is inaccurate or incomplete, you can ask us to correct it.


  3. The right to erasure and to restrict processing
    You can ask GAFE to delete the data we store about you; or alternatively, you can ask GAFE to limit the way we use your personal data.


  4. The right to object
    You can object to the processing of your personal data that is collected on the grounds of legitimate interests or the performance of a task in the interest/exercise of official authority. Write to us at, and we will scrutinize the related activities and decide to either stop the activity, or explain to you why we will continue the process on compelling and legitimate grounds.


  5. Rights related to automated decision-making including profiling
    Some calculations or data processing in GAFE may occur with no human involvement, such as profiling, which uses personal data to make calculated assumptions about individuals. If you have any question on the rules by which we are conducting such processing, you can email us any time at and we will be pleased to answer your queries.

What information do we collect from you?

When you access GAFE contents and services through our mobile application or website, GAFE may collect information from you. Some of them may constitute “Personally Identifiable Information”, which means they may lead to identifying yourself. The providing of information is on voluntary basis, and we will only collect information necessary to carry out the service to you. Below is a general description of the scenarios whereby GAFE collections information from you:

  1. When you create an account with GAFE, or when you contact GAFE team either through email or our contact form, or when you subscribe to our newsletter or direct marketing, we will collect your contact information;

  2. When you search for the nearest cafes around you, we will collect your geolocation information;

  3. When you make a payment or transaction with GAFE services, GAFE will collect your payment information;

  4. When you access GAFE service through a mobile application, GAFE may collect your hardware information (like device type), your IP address, internet connection, etc;

  5. When you upload an image with GAFE application, GAFE will access your camera and image collection (of course, with your permission)

  6. When you apply for a job or completes your resume on GAFE, we may collect your personal information including your email, phone number, Instagram account, etc.

Where will we store your personal information?

GAFE will employ vigorous technology and polices to make sure your data is safety stored and protected from any malware, misuse or unauthorized access. We may choose to partner with third parties to outsource the storage, transmission, or protection of your data, and we will select such partners only with highest standards. Any data that will no longer be required for us to carry out the necessary service to you will be destroyed by us.


When you choose a password with which to access GAFE services or contents, you are responsible for keeping your password secure and confidential.

Due to the nature of the internet, GAFE does not guarantee the security of transmission or storage of your data. You acknowledge that you disclose your personal information to GAFE at your own risk.

How will we use the information about you?

Your personal data will enable us to provide you with access to the relevant parts of the Website and to supply the services you have requested. It will also enable us to bill you and to contact you where necessary. We will also use and analyse the personal data we collect to help us prevent fraud. Where appropriate, now and in the future you can choose to express your preferences around how we use your personal data as set out in this privacy policy, or to stop or reducing sharing your information with us through our website or our mobile applications.

You consent to GAFE disclosing your personal information to other entities within the GAFE group; the cafés that are part of the GAFE network; or any third parties that GAFE engages with to carry out the services to you, on a need-to-know basis. For example, when you apply for a job through GAFE, we will send your resume (which may include your personal information) to the respecitve hiring employer; however we will restrict other cafes from accessing your resume information, unless you choose to make them public.

You consent to GAFE using your personal information for advertising & direct marketing purpose, for the purpose of informing you about the latest offerings and news from GAFE, or topics GAFE believes will be of interest to you.

If you wish to unsubscribe from advertising or direct marketing from GAFE, you can do so by directly contacting GAFE through, or you can make the corresponding change directly in your GAFE account settings. GAFE also reserves the right to disclose your personal information when it is authorized or mandated so by law (for example, when doing so helps investigation of fraud), or when it is considered reasonable for the protection of the rights or property of GAFE, or to avoid harm to any persons.

In the case of any merger of acquisition involving GAFE Limited, GAFE reserves the right to disclose or transfer your personal information to another business entity.

Updates to the privacy policy

Changes and updates to our privacy policy will be reflected to this site and, where appropriate and necessary, be sent to you via the contact method you have shared with us.


When you are browsing the GAFE website we may also collect some information about you for us to better provide service to you. Such information will not personally identify you and will be collected through cookies. You can disable cookies fully or partially on your browser; or ask your browser to alert you when websites like GAFE attempts to access cookies.

Stop sharing your data with GAFE

We value your right to your privacy and respect your decision of stop or reducing sharing your private information with us. When you do you can:


  1. Unsubscribe from our direct marketing or newsletters;

  2. Disable cookies on your browser;

  3. Not share any information with us through at means/channels. We will be sorry for your decision because so we will not be able to provide you our great services, but we understand.

Contacting GAFE

If you have any queries or concerns regarding this privacy policy, please contact GAFE by reaching our to support team through email.

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