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Impress with
Your Loyalty

A good membership system works.
An outstanding system charms.

Design one-of-a-kind member card and witness the magic now.

It Works.
And It's Fast

You adopt a solution to make work easier for you and your crew. Not harder.

It should feel as natural as saying 'Morning' to your loved ones.

That's what GAFE feel like.

Design a Card Your Customers Will Never Forget

No you don't need a professional designer to design with a stunning card.


Just a your curiority, plus a hint of originality. And your mobile phone. 



Versitile Membership Setup
Member Tiers

Reward long term customers will greater benefits and save the trouble of keeping counts.

Rather than a plain "buy-X-get-1-free", a tier system gives customer a greater sense of intimacy and achievements, and hence more incentive to come back more often.

Multi Rewards

Create an 'addictive' reward system, reward your customers at multiple touch points, and they will never let go.

New member rewards, interim rewards, tier upgrade rewards. It's easy like LEGO.

Chain Stores

Your membership solution should scale as you grow.

So when you grow, go live with your chain stores without additional setup. ​We've sorted it out.

We Help You Adopt

Card Design Headstart

Feeling lazy and even want to skip our super easy DIY experience? 

All cool. We help you do it.


Scan Board Customization

A good scan board does the explanation for you, and is a boost to your branding.

And we help you design this too.


Membership Live Broadcast

Announce news of your live membership in the biggest local coffee community. 

Unlock A World with GAFE Membership

Member Dashboard

Let your data speak. Understand your membership development and opportunities for growth.

Technology can help you get more intimate with your customers. 

Push Notification

Stay connected. Use Push Notification Marketing (PNM) to easily update your members what is going on.

You do not even have to open your laptop.

Member Review

Make your members your advocates.


Reviews are only available for active members of your cafe so you won't have to worry about malicious or fabricated reviews.

Gift Transfer

GAFE membership allows your members to tranfer their available rewards to their friends. 

Your membership is not only solid. It's also so much fun.

VIP Card

VIP member card allow you to tailor your member card for your special ones with entirely different look than the normal membership card.  

Gift Events

You can be creative and versatile in rewarding your customers

(e.g. free drinks, cash coupons, etc.)

And More!

Like your business, we do evolve.

Stay tuned for more awesoneness!

Who's using the charm?
Who's Using

Touch base and tell us how we can help you improve your member management

or become more visible in digital space.

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