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Worth 價值
HKD 274

Homemade Tiramisu + Crab Meat Pasta + Coffee Cocktail (One each)
自家製意大利芝士蛋糕 + 蟹肉意粉 + 咖啡雞尾酒 (各一)

Details 詳情


Terms 條款 

- 獎品領取方法為直接於Blossom領取。請提早向咖啡店確認領取詳情(Instagram @blossom.4hk)。The gift is redeemable at Blossom only. Please confirm in advance with the cafe on collection (Instagram @blossom.4hk).

- 請在領取獎品時出示您的Gafe U帳戶ID。Please present your Gafe U account ID upon prize collection.

- 如果對兌換有任何問題,可以直接經Blossom Instagram帳戶溝通。For any questions regarding your prize collection, you are encouraged to communicate directly with Blossom through their Instagram account.

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