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Join the giveaway campaign in April 2021!

Just be the member of the participating cafes and you are eligible to join their giveaways.


The more membership cards you get from participating cafes, the more prizes!

Scroll down and check out the details and prizes!


Winners Announcement

Campaign Details


Hi, greener Earth. Ciao, paper stamp cards.

April is a good time to start using digital stamp cards!

Let's do cafe hopping!


And you'll be rewarded.

Start visiting participating cafes with memberships on Gafe U app, and giveaways await!

How to join the campaign?


Here's how to join.


First, follow us on Instagram @gafeapp,

and comment below our campaign post, tagging 5 friends.

  • Instagram

Then, follow the instructions in GAFE U app to register.


Even if you get all the memberships, you will still need to register to be able to participate!


You will need to submit one image about COFFEE.


The image can be of any format - sketch, drawings, photograph, you name it.

Only requirement: it's created by YOU.

Awarding Criteria


The sponsor of each prize will pick the best image to award their respective prize to.


Only one submission is needed, but you can be awarded more than once if yours is favoured by multiple sponsors!

Rewards, rewards, rewards!


Every participating cafe has prepared a gift.


This means with your submission, every membership you have lets you compete for one more prize!

Grand Prizes!


With at least 3 memberships from participating cafes, you get to compete also for the 3 grand prizes!



The event will last from 1 April to 30 April 2021.

Winners will be announced in May 2021.


Start planning your cafe hopping trip now!

Giveaway from Cafes

Check out the prizes offered by each cafes! 

Just need to become member of the sponsored cafes to be eligible for their corresponding giveaways!

Grand Prizes 

More prizes awaits!

Get at least 3 membership cards from participating cafes to be eligible for more giveways from other sponsors.

Participating Cafes
Special Thanks - Grand Prize Sponsors
Additional Details & Terms
  • The event will last from midnight, 1 April, to 23: 59, 30 April, 2021. Results of giveaways will be announced on our Instagram account(@gafeapp) before 20 May 2021.

  • The Gafe team and corresponding sponsors will make reasonable efforts to communicate with you regarding your prize collection (through Instagram). However, if you neither reply or reach out to us on Instagram 10 days after we message you, you forfeit the right to your prize.

  • We care about your privacy. So information we collect about you in the campaign will just be for carrying out the campaign, and nothing more. We will destroy your personal data once the campaign is finished.

  • In good faith, we will not supervise the gift redemption process, but will leave it to the winners and respective sponsors to communicate details regarding prize collection. Gafe team is not liable for special, incidental, punitive, indirect or consequential damages of any kind, during the gift collection process.

  • Prizes are not transferable, redeemable for cash and cannot be exchanged.

  • Gafe Limited is not the supplier of the prizes. We assume no responsibility for the quality of the products.

  • Some of the prizes may contain alcohol. If you are under the age of 18, you must not drink alcohol.

  • All prizes are subject to the sponsor's or supplier's Terms of Use or Terms and Conditions.

  • In case of disputes, the sponsors reserves the final right of explanation.

  • For any enquiries regarding the campaign, please contact us through Instagram @gafeapp, or email at

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