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Uchi 屋子

Worth 價值
HKD 100

HKD 100 Cash Voucher x 1
HKD 100 現金卷 (一張)

Details 詳情


Terms 條款 

- 該現金券僅可以在屋子分店使用。The voucher can be used in any Uchi store only.

- 請在使用該現金券時出示您的Gafe U帳戶ID。Please present your Gafe U account ID upon voucher consumption.

- 請於一次消費內使用該現金券。該現金券不設找贖。The voucher can be used only once. The voucher shall not be refunded nor redeemed for cash. No change shall be provided.

- 如有問題,可以直接經咖啡店Instagram帳戶溝通 (@uchicoffee_hk)。When necessary, you are encouraged to communicate directly with the cafe through their Instagram account (@uchicoffee_hk).

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