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Starting Over Espresso

Worth 價值
HKD 620

2-hour Elementary Filter Brewing Course (One person)
兩小時初級手沖咖啡課程 (一人)

Details 詳情

The Course is presented relaxed style and aimed the home enthusiast who wants increase their knowledge and skills.

-Coffee bean production processes and varieties introduction
-Explanation of the most accessible home brewing methods,V60 Dripper,Clever Cup
-Brewing theory and tutorial

Date and Time: Depends of Customer Chose
Duration:2 hours
Location: Starting Over Espresso's Workshop Centre

Terms 條款 

- 該課程僅可以在Starting Over Espresso使用。The course can only be taken with Starting Over Espresso.

- 請在確認上堂前出示您的Gafe U帳戶ID。Please present your Gafe U account ID before course confirmation.

- 如有問題,可以直接經咖啡店Instagram帳戶溝通 (@startingover.espresso)。When necessary, you are encouraged to communicate directly with the cafe through their Instagram account (@startingover.espresso).

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